Connect to the WashU Network through VPN

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Danforth VPN is managed by WashU IT. They provide additional instructions, such as connecting to Med School VPN, on their page.

Learn more on the WashU IT website

Launch and Log in to the VPN Client in the Windows Operating System

After installation, you can relaunch the VPN client again by following these instructions:

  1. Go to Start -> Cisco -> Cisco AnyConnect
  2. In the AnyConnect Window, enter:
  3. Click Connect
  4. Enter your Wustl key credentials. For Second Password: enter the word push (for Duo Mobile app), phone (callback on enrolled phone), or sms (codes via text message).
    • SMS will require a 2nd login, entering one of the codes received.
    • You may also generate codes from the DUO Mobile app or by calling the helpdesk.
  5. After you hit the OK button, you will have 60 seconds to respond to the authentication request on your 2FA-enrolled device. Your VPN will then connect.