Artsci Canvas Support

Where can I find Canvas support?

Arts & Sciences Canvas Support Team

Faculty and staff from Arts & Sciences, School of Law, and Sam Fox can contact the A&S Canvas support team at

What can the support team do?

  • Add users to a course  Teaching/support roles in WURCSL will need to be added by your department WUCRSL administrator. 
  • Create demo courses, merging/cross-listing course sections, and can also assist with design ideas, best practices, and training
  • Help with tools including Lockdown Browser, Turnitin, Poll Everywhere, Zoom, Kaltura, Gradescope, Box, and Zoom
  • Create non-curricular courses
  • Provide information about Canvas course roles and permissions
  • Provide assistance during normal WashU hours (approximately 8am-5pm Monday thru Friday)


24/7 Canvas Support

Canvas support is the first line of support and provides one-on-one assistance by Canvas experts over chat or phone. This service is available 24/7 to all WashU Faculty, staff, and students.  To contact 24/7 Canvas Support via chat or phone, click the Help button from the Global Navigation Menu on your Canvas dashboard.

What can 24/7 support do?

  • Canvas support can navigate into your course to see what questions/issues you are experiencing and can provide solutions, tutorials, and workarounds
  • They can assist with all Canvas tasks such as copying a course, adding due dates, creating announcements, building assignments and rubrics, creating discussions, quiz settings, using video, formatting courses, and more!
  • Provide Canvas help outside of WashU office hours
  • Provides student support for Canvas


Search the Canvas Community Website

Canvas Community is a website where Canvas users can share information, ask questions, search guides and message boards for information, and talk to other users. To get started, join the Canvas Community and type your question in the search area to view instructions & resources about the topic.

What can Canvas Community do?

  • Search to view instructions & resources about a topic
  • Canvas Community provides step-by-step instructions, videos, ideas, troubleshooting for all things Canvas
  • Post questions and receive answers/suggestions from Canvas experts and other users
  • You can also submit feature requests and see updates about new tools in Canvas


WUCRSL Department Contacts

WUCRSL provides course descriptions and details about specific course sections (instructor, class meeting day and time, location, etc.) as well as search tools and current enrollment information that may be useful during registration. Each department has a WUCRSL admin who has access to this system.

What can your WUCRSL department admin do?

  • They can add and remove teaching/support roles in WUCRSL (AI, TA, Grader, Support, TA, AI) to your course
  • They can assist and answer questions about teaching/support roles in WUCRSL, course listings/sections/enrollments, and adding/removing users from a course (incompletes)


Canvas Department Admin Contacts

Arts & Sciences: Tiffany Lang, Amy BakerLucas Heberlie
Anthropology: Jennifer Everhart
Art History: Betha Whitlow
Biology: Erin Gerrity
Chemistry: Brandon Hutchison
Math: Steven Xiao
Physics: Sai Iyer
Romance Languages and Literatures: Amanda Carey

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Teaching with AI course now available to WashU faculty and staff

Teaching with AI course now available to WashU faculty and staff

Canvas Requests

Click the request link below to create and submit a ServiceNow service ticket

Add a Person to a Canvas Course

Teaching/support roles in WURCSL will need to be added by your department WUCRSL administrator.

Request to Add person to Canvas Course

Request a Non-Curricular Course

A Non-Curricular Course is a course that isn't part of the regular WashU curriculum, but delivers required academic content to students

Request a non-curricular Course

Request a Demo Course and access to "Welcome to Canvas" Course

A Demo course serves as a “sandbox,” a place where you can give Canvas a try and experiment with features of the LMS. When you request a Demo course, you will receive access to the “Welcome to Canvas” course in the Canvas LMS. This course is an online repository of videos and learning resources that will introduce you to Canvas. The course covers topics such as how to organize course content using modules, using pages to store content, how to upload files, and how to customize your course home page.

Request demo course

Request a Canvas External Tool/LTI

External Tools are developed by other third-party vendors to integrate with the Canvas LMS. These tools must be vetted and approved to be supported by system administration.

Request an External tool

Artsci Canvas Guide

Artsci Canvas Guide

Learn about setting up your Canvas course, grading, creating assignments, and other popular Canvas topics

browse Canvas Guide

Experiencing technical issues within Canvas?

Check out the current status of Canvas and other tools to see if there are any reported problems affecting users.

Canvas status

Kaltura status

Zoom status

Turnitin status

Respondus status

Classroom Tools Within Canvas

For much of the academic year scheduled classes meet as expected, without incident. However, there may be instances when the “norm” is disrupted due to factors outside of our control like severe storms, health risks, or other emergencies. To ensure instruction can move forward, WashU has several tools available within Canvas at your disposal. Leveraging these tools, such as those listed below, will help you continue teaching throughout the disruption.

If you need support for External Tools such as Kaltura, Turnitin, or Poll Everywhere, please contact the ArtsiCanvas support team.


Learn more about External Tools



Canvas Accessibility

Ensuring an accessible experience to all users regardless of disability is a key element of Canvas software.

Learn about Canvas Accessibility Standards