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ArtSci Technical Support 

Arts & Sciences Computing provides technical support in a variety of areas to Arts & Sciences students, faculty, and staff. Our full time technicians have office suites in Eads Hall room 008 and Seigle L085. Generally, we have on-site staff available Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm, though sometimes all of our staff are deployed. During the school year, you may call the 'next available technician' at 314-935-8077 (leave a voicemail if we are unable to answer and it'll send us an email) or send a message using this form. Or contact your department's client support rep directly to speak to someone who will know more about the specifics of your department's people and their tech needs.

PaperCut Mobility Printing Now Available

PaperCut Mobility Printing Now Available

Arts & Sciences Computing Support

Computer Replacement Program

Arts & Sciences employs a computer replacement program to provide routine replacement of faculty, staff, conference rooms, and classroom/lab computers. The intent of this program is to provide a reasonably robust computing environment for faculty and staff on campus while ensuring that the pool of computers in service remain reasonably supportable.

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Having technical difficulties?

If you are experiencing technical difficulty/problems/issues, Arts & Sciences Computing is available to help. You can reach Artsci Technical Support at (314) 935-8077 Monday- Friday 10am-5pm or use the contact form below. You can expect a response within one business day.

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Departmental Client Support & Services

Arts & Sciences faculty and staff may also obtain support by contacting their Departmental Client Support Representative. Representatives can assist with computer purchases, computer hardware, software installation, and e-mail among other services.

Each Representative is assigned a small number of specific departments 

This gives the Support Rep and their clients the opportunity to form relationships. DS Reps care about the needs of individual clients and work to get to know the unique needs of our clients on a personal level.

We keep you up to date on the latest technology news and events on campus

Each semester, we invite Office Managers and Administrative Assistants from each of our Arts & Sciences departments to a "Tech Breakfast" in which a variety of timely topics are discussed followed by a Q&A session.

We help to coordinate the purchase of new computers for faculty and staff

We meet with individuals in advance to ensure the computer being purchased will meet their current and future needs. In most cases, we present the client with a quote detailing the features of the proposed purchase.

We set up and install new computers

We order the computer, receive it in Eads Hall and set it up with the software requested by the client. We set up the email account and any other software requested. The client is an Administrator on their own computer, so they are able to install additional programs later on if they like.

We meet with clients by appointment to help with a wide variety of issues

Here are just a few of the things your Departmental Support Representative can help you with:

  • Hardware support on a computer owned by Washington University
  • Software installation on a computer owned by Washington University
  • Mobile device (smart phone, tablet) support
  • Access the campus network from your office or wireless laptop
  • Printer Support/Repair
  • Email Account Support
  • Software Installation
  • Support for Drupal websites
  • Audio Visual Support for events in A&S

We keep an inventory of your computers and printers in our database

We update and audit the inventory each fall and give a report to the office manager for the department's records.

Departmental Support & Services

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