Summer 2023 A&S Computing Labs/Classroom Change Announcements and Summary

Summer 2023 changes coming to A&S Computing Labs and Classrooms

Dear Faculty,

Based upon feedback from instructors, students, and IT partners - A&S Computing is eager to announce some changes to our classroom technology that improve our lab Labs and Classrooms experience. Starting Summer of 2023, we will be implementing the following changes for Seigle L016, Rudolph 308, Eads 014, Eads 013, and Eads 003:

  1. Macs will use generic Guest accounts instead of WUSTL Key. (local Admin accounts can be arranged with notice and by special request)
    • DeepFreeze will continue to ensure student files and system changes are reverted upon restart.
  2. The old in-room printers will be removed from classrooms. Print jobs can be released from our newer Print Release stations in Eads 015 or Seigle L012 spaces (full list of other Print Release stations).
    • Charging processes remain unchanged, but options have increased.
  3. Printing methods will change to Web Print instead of direct printing.
    • This aligns with student expectations and offers far more flexibility.

We understand that changing expectations can be challenging, but we are confident that these changes will help us better serve you and make our spaces and their capabilities more reliable.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us:

Thank you for your cooperation and support as we work to improve our classroom technology.


Lucas Heberlie

A&S Computing

Associate Director of IT - Client Support