ArtSci Website Guide

learn how to create, edit, and share content in your Drupal 10 website

Learn at your own pace

New to website editing or a pro just needing a refresh? Step-by-step documentation and video tutorials are available to support your work editing and updating your department's website.

Learning Topics

Getting Started with your Website  |  The WYSIWYG Editing Toolbar  |  The Home Page  |  Articles & News Landing Page  |  Events & Events Landing Page  |  People and People Landing Page  
Multipurpose Pages  |  Resources & Resource Landing Page  |  Image Card & Image Cards Landing Page  |  Books & Bookshelves  |  Testimonials  |  Basic Page  |  FAQ Pages |
Publications Page  |  Webforms  |  Shared Content  |  Courses & Courses Landing Page  |  What's new in D10?

Additional Website Resources and Guides

  • Accessibility Guide

    web accessibility ensures that online information is accessible to everyone and provides equal access to all users, including those with disabilities.

  • User Role Guide

    information about having a user added to your site and what role is appropriate

  • Image Guide

    minimum image sizes, resizing images, & finding images

  • Website Media Guide

    what kind of media can I add and where can it go in my site?

  • A&S Social Media Guide

    get to know the A&S social media policies